• Sue

Turning our passion into a business

(Picture: One of my husbands unique items. A workman on his break)

Hi and welcome to my first blog post!

In this post i wanted to share a little bit about my journey and history of my first shop Suescuriosities68.

My family and i have always had a keen interest in crafting items and collecting vintage items.

Throughout the years particularly in the 80s and 90s we were a household upcycling our furniture and searching at countless car boots for vintage items for our home.

My husband and i also spent our free time working on our hobbies, his was and still is restoring and collecting old toy cars, and assembling models.

Where mine centred around drawing and crafting items, most noticibly from clay.

As our children grew they too developed creative hobbies from painting, drawing and crafting to knitting and sewing.

As time went on i decided that i wanted to share our hobbies and interest in vintage with people, as well as own my own business so i started to look into my options.

This became a reality when i found out that a local arts and crafts centre was renting out spaces for people to sell their items.

So Sue's Curiosity Cabinet was born. In which we filled our cabinet with hand picked interesting vintage items and small crafted items.

After some time i decided to expand further wanting more space for my items and found etsy.

Fast forward a few years we now have a growing vintage etsy shop Suescuriosities68 filled with our hand picked vintage items and my husbands vintage toy cars some of which are unique builds.

And more recently Suescrafts68 where we sell our unique crafts and supplies.

I enjoy being a business owner and providing people with unique items for their homes and as gifts.

Thanks for visiting our website, i hope you enjoy it.

Heres to many happy years!

Sue :)