Behind the scenes

Welcome behind the scenes of Suescuriosities68 and Suescrafts68. Here you will find various pictures, information and videos from behind the scenes. Including a look at our creative processes and some of our favourite creations so far. 

We are always creating new items so check back here from time to time to see what we are up to.

Vintage toy cars

Unique Creations and Restorations.

Throughout the years one member of my teams hobby is the restoration of vintage toy cars and vehicles such as matchbox, corgi, Lesney and so on. 

He gives them a new lease of life after finding them in need of TLC.

His creativity and skills have come from building, creating model kits and painting cars from a young age.

He also creates unique one off creations using these skills and some of them then become available on my Etsy shop Suescuriosities68.

His creations and restorations prove to be popular items in our shop.

Vintage Matchbox Lesney Land Rover Custom South African Safari.

Custom designed unique vintage car available from Suescuriosities68 etsy shop.

Stripped vintage police cars for restoration.

2 Vintage toy police cars in bad cosmetic condition stripped of their paintwork in preparation of restoration.

Restored vintage police cars

The finished restoration of 2 police cars, these went on to their new owner :)

Vintage dinky toy caravan 1950/1960s, Restored in light blue and cream.

One of 3 available on Suescuriosities68 etsy shop. Restored in light blue and cream, navy and cream and yellow and orange.

Vintage Matchbox bigbull dozer, 1975-1979 Custom painted.

Custom painted Vintage Matchbox bigbull dozer available at Suescuriosities68.

Christmas custom unique creation

Christmas custom unique creation

Car, Rolls royce 1912 model car, vintage toy car. Corgi car, Resprayed. white, gold, silver.

Available at Suescuriosities68 Etsy, resprayed 1912 Rolls Royce.

Unique Art, Crafts and Steampunk

Due to members of my shop having various interests and skills there are always interesting crafted items in our Etsy shops. 

Suescrafts68 holds many of our handmade items.

Including original and often unique artworks and Steampunk items. 

More to be added to the shops soon.


Original and unique artwork by members of my team.

This sci fi themed creation nicknamed "Owlian" by its creators mixes clay and metal together to create an alien owl in its steampunk inspired cage.

Its a unique piece which sold in our shop Suescuriosities68.

With more to come from these creators it will be interesting to see what art is created next. 

Art piece, steampunk my clockwork heart

"My Clockwork Heart"

By one of the creators of "The Owlian" comes this art piece/pendant named "My Clockwork Heart" by its creator.

Taking 10.5 hours to create this steampunk inspired piece is available from Suescrafts68 etsy shop.

Picture is linked to the item.

Steampunk gothic wedding bouquet
Haunted doll art object
Trippy art sculpture, steampunk, horror

Pictured above are our steampunk bouquet, Haunted doll art piece, sculpture head...trippy art with a horror steampunk theme and an example of steampunk clothing items i create. The pictures go to the relevant shop links.

These are just a small selection of items that can be found in our etsy shop Suescrafts68 with more items to be added soon.

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